10 advantage and disadvantage of having a cat at home usa

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Pros and cons of owning a cat 

topic: 10 Pros and cons of owning a cat usa

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making the decision to get a cat was one of the best decisions you have ever made but it was not one that we took lightly we did a lot of research into pros and cons of owning a cat 


curious about getting a cat and she wanted to know the benefits of having a cat but we think that beyond the benefits it’s really important to know the cons as well when you know pros and cons of owning a cat you can make an informed decision 


provide a little bit of context we give  pros and cons of owning a cat  strictly indoor cats my experience with cats has been with indoor cats the pros and cons of an outdoor cat will be a little bit different

1.wonderful companions

Own cats can be wonderful companions and this is the biggest pros for us, when we are feeling very lonely and working from home alone 


cat was a wonderful companion he brightened your day it felt less alone he brought a lot of peace and comfort into your life


so if you’re looking for a companion a cat can be a really great choice 


number two cats can be very entertaining there is a reason why cat videos are the most popular videos on youtube cats are very entertaining every single day


You get a good laugh out of something that they’ve done they entertain you all day they bring a lot of joy and laughter into my household 

3.Cat can be Affectionable

cats can be affectionate and give you a lot of love there is this big myth out there that cats are not affectionate and they’re incapable of giving you love and that they’re selfish 


we  recognize the fact that cats can be very affectionate but their affection is different from a dog 


so if you are looking to get a cat and you’ve only had experience with dogs know that the affection from a cat is just going to be given in a slightly different way


 it’s not as you know forward it’s not as in your face as a dog and it takes a little bit of time to earn their trust so you can get their affection 


he was more loving than the dog, each cat and each dog is different but don’t believe the myth that cats are not affectionate they can be very affectionate 

4.Remedy of stress and anxiety

cats can reduce stress and anxiety if you  used to be a very stressed out and very anxious person and i have to say that

since i got the cats i am less stressed out and much less anxious than i used to be i’ve made other changes too but having the cats just brings that sense of calm and peace into my life.so that’s definitely a very big pros 

5. Good gor your health

Number five cats can be good for your health in different ways  one is that cats can reduce the risk of heart disease i thought that was really interesting when i found out that there’s some research on that the other thing that they said was that cats can help women especially sleep better and i do find that that is the case when i sleep next to my cat i have a much better night’s rest compared to when they’re not around so


i definitely do think that they can have a positive impact on your health

6. ideal

cats can be ideal for apartment life now this is not a pro for everybody if you live in a house this might not be applicable but if you live in a small space like i do


 if you live in an apartment it is something to consider when you’re getting a pet i initially wanted to get a dog but because i live in an apartment i decided against it i just wasn’t comfortable with the idea of having a dog in the apartment not enough space to run around i used to have a very small apartment before so i ended up getting a cat 


so if you are debating between a cat and a dog do consider your lifestyle consider where you’re living because it does have an impact on the pet

7.low maintenance

Seven number cats are relatively low maintenance pets i want to underline the word relatively they’re not completely low maintenance 


there are things that you still have to do but compared to a dog i do find that they are lower maintenance when i had a dog he had to be walked every day he also had to be bathed regularly he would get into a lot of things he was quite high maintenance now that i have cats i realize how much less i have to actually do for them compared to a dog so if you’re someone who’s looking for a lower maintenance pet a cat can be a good decision

8.cats don’t smell 


so i have a very sensitive sense of smell so this was a consideration for me i’ve had dogs in the past and with dogs the thing is that they do smell a little bit especially on the rainy days that wet dogs smell it it permeates the entire place but with cats i found that they don’t smell as much


i could pick up my cats and sniff them and they don’t smell like anything with cats the smell really comes from their litter box if you keep their litter box clean the cats themselves don’t smell very much so that was definitely a pro in my opinion

9.Irritating Noise Free

number nine no loud noises so cats are all different some are more vocal than others but in my personal experience 


i have found that cats are much much quieter than dogs i was making a decision between cats and dogs back in 2013 and this was something that i had to consider because i live in an apartment i didn’t want to get a pet that would disrupt the neighbors so i ended up getting a cat and i have to say that they’re pretty quiet they don’t really make too much noise 


so if you are looking for a quieter pet cat can be a good decision now


let’s move on to the cons

cats can shed a lot

 the first con is that cats can shed a lot so each cat is different some shed more than others my experience has been primarily with long-haired cats and boy do they shed 


they don’t shed that much year-round but there are certain times of the year where the shedding is intense and here’s the thing even when it’s not shedding season they still shed a little and i have to vacuum more often and also there is fur everywhere so if you’re someone who doesn’t like the idea of having fur everywhere on your clothes in your bed just in the air then having a cat might not be the right decision having any furry animal might not be the right fit for you


but if you don’t mind the fur and if you’re willing to stay on top of it with the vacuuming cap can be a good decision


2. vet care can be very expensive

number two vet care can be very expensive and i think this is a con that everyone needs to know before they get pets a lot of people who’ve never had pets don’t realize how much vet care can cost it’s really really expensive i have spent thousands of dollars over the years on my pets thankfully i had insurance so it was covered 80 of it was covered but i know people who have no insurance and then their pets get sick and they are spending thousands of dollars just an important consideration 


you need to know if you can pay for the medical attention your pet might need so it’s always important to think about whether or not a pet fits into your budget

3.Regular litter boxes need to be maintained 

number three litter boxes need to be maintained regularly this is by far my least favorite chore taking care of the litter box but here’s the thing with indoor cats you’re going to have a litter box it’s where they’re going to do their business and you need to keep it 


really clean because if you don’t they won’t use it cats are really finicky they want really clean litter boxes and it’s a lot of work if you’re not interested in doing this then maybe a cat isn’t the right fit for you

4. unwanted Behaviour


number four cats can potentially damage your furniture and this is a big con for a lot of people i personally don’t mind the damage to my furniture 


it’s pretty minimal my cats are pretty good in this department but each cat is slightly different now there are things that you could do to reduce the damage to your furniture one is to have scratch posts around the house everywhere i have scratch posts in almost every single room and also teach them to use the scratch post another thing that is very helpful is to trim their nails regularly that way they’re not damaging the furniture as much but 


here’s the thing even though i trim their nails regularly and i have scratch posts everywhere they will still scratch my dining chairs there’s still some damage i personally don’t mind i have let go of worrying about my furniture but if you’re someone who’s very particular about the way your house looks and how your furniture is maybe a cat isn’t the right decision for you you need to think about whether it’s something you can handle


now there are people who get their cats declawed i wanted to shed some light on this practice it’s actually pretty cruel and inhumane practice it’s even banned in some countries

5.Allergic for some people

on number five many people are allergic to cats so i think it’s very important to know if you’re allergic to cats or not before you get a cat the last thing you want is to get a cat fall in love with the cat and then have to re-home the cat because you’re really really allergic now even though i’m not allergic to cats thankfully and neither is my husband


 i know many people are and many of my friends are so it is a bit of a problem when they come over i have to give certain friends antihistamines as soon as they step into my condo so that’s the thing you gotta handle if you have cats if you’re not allergic you may have family members that visit or friends that visit that might be allergic so it’s just something to consider

6.not using their litter box


number six is inappropriate elimination this is when the cat is not using their litter box to do their business and i wanted to mention 


this as a con because it is by far the most common reason why people get rid of their cats it’s because they’re not using their litter box and they’re doing their business elsewhere in the house that’s really important to know that this can happen to any cat at any point in time a lot of times when cats don’t use their litter box it can be a medical issue so the most important thing is to go to the vet and see 


if it’s a medical concern i had an instance where that happened to me by cat kyle had a urinary tract infection so he was having trouble with the litter box i got that checked out by the vet he got medication and he was fine so i think it’s really important to know that this can happen and the first thing you want to do is go to the vet the other issue with not using the litter box is basically behavioral 


it could be many many different things and sometimes working with a cat behaviorist can be helpful or just you know changing the litter box and doing things a little bit differently


6.it can be a responsibility


number seven i can’t travel as freely as i did before so when it comes to owning a pet whether it’s a cat or a dog or another pet you need to make sure that they’re well taken care of when you’re away 


so when i am away on vacation even if it’s a small trip i need to make sure that someone can take care of the cats because i don’t have family and friends who can take care of my cats some are allergic some don’t know how to take care of cats i end up leaving my cats at the vet’s office for boarding it is expensive and i have to book it in advance so i definitely can’t travel as freely as


 i could before and well right now no one’s traveling anywhere but in general i think it’s important to have that as a consideration when you’re getting a pet

if you’re someone who travels a lot who’s going to take care of your pet while you’re away something important to think about

7. Harder to sleep

number eight it’s harder to sleep in so while sleeping next to the cats gives me a lot of comfort and i have a good night’s rest i can’t sleep in anymore they don’t let me cats like to wake me up the crack of dawn they’re excited to get their day started and that’s the same with dogs too

it’s really hard to have the same routine you had in the past when you have cats and dogs just because they are animals that thrive on a routine something like sleeping in they just don’t get it so if you’re someone who values sleeping in and doing things on your schedule keep in mind that it is going to be a little bit of a change when you get a pet number nine 



i have less free time than i had before so this applies to all pets not just cats when you get a pet there is a lot that goes into it in terms of your time and you won’t have as much free time as you had before i have to do a lot more cleaning i have to cuddle with them and i don’t have to i want to cuddle with them to feed them 

there’s all these things i have to do so i have to say that i probably have an hour less free time every single day compared to before

so if you’re someone who’s already strapped for time do consider this when you’re getting a pet do you have enough time to put in to your animal if you don’t then maybe reconsider getting a pet at this time this is something to keep in mind .



you know the pros and the cons of owning a cat i hope that you have a lot more insight into what it’s really like and you can make a more informed decision getting a pet of any kind cat or otherwise it is a long-term decision especially in the case of a cat because they live so long so it is a decision that i personally think should be well thought out not something to be taken lightly i actually did a lot of research before i got a cat and because i did all that research


because i was aware of the pluses and the negatives it ended up being a very good experience because i knew what i was getting into so definitely do your research 


Pros and cons of owning a cat usa

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