Best macrofit home gym review usa 2022

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Best macrofit home gym review usa 2022

topic: Best macrofit home gym review usa 2022

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top 5 best multifunction home gym available on the market today we made this list of macrofit home gym review based on our own opinion research and customer reviews






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Marcy 150lb. Stack Home Gym with Pulley, Arm, and Leg Developer


top five best multifunction home gym the fifth product on our list is the marcy mwm 4965. the marcy mwm 4965 is an absolute killer home gym this all-arounder home gym is meticulously designed to target every muscle area for a full body exercise efficiently 

you can quickly switch between different workouts for better balanced training thanks to a wide range of features the two thousand pound twin cables are intended to glide smoothly through the sealed bearing pulley system for effective muscle growth and a fun workout 

the 150 pound weight stack has a vinyl coating for added durability a selection pin and a safety lock the selector pin allows you to alter the weight resistance of your workout allowing you to progressively raise the resistance while keeping track of your progress 

we like that the workout instruction chart built into the weight shroud beneath the bench makes the marcy mwm 4965 home multi-gym ideal for any beginner the workout chart provides you with fundamental exercise movements to become familiar with the multi-gym 

and after you’re comfortable start experimenting with other exercises to provide excellent structural stability its framework is made of 14 gauge steel powder coating offers additional protection and resistance to scratches and chipping while also extending the life of the silver steel color and enhancing the home gym’s durability and robustness

 lastly the marci mwm 4965’s bench is integrated into the bottom framework to save space while giving convenience in the comfort of your own home

its pros are

  • the heavy duty design ensures your safety throughout strenuous activities for your comfort
  • it has an ergonomic padded seat and 
  • it’s versatile 

since it can be used for more than 30 different workouts however this isn’t easy to use if you’re over 5 foot 10 due to the rack height the marci mwm 4965 is a five station home gym with a variety of functions it provides outstanding value for the money 





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Marcy Smith Machine Weight Bench Home Gym 

up next in fourth place is the marcy sm 4903 the marcy pro sm 4903 universal home gym is created to provide you with a wide range of training styles with over 50 exercises available 

on this great all-in-one smith universal home gym machine power cage and power tower to keep your workout sessions exciting resistance bands

may also be attached to band anchors on either side of the cage to warm up tone and relax your muscles 

this excellent home gym has a sealed ball bearing system integrated into the overhead pulley system to give a smooth gliding experience


it is designed to target the whole body to build muscle you may also effectively target your chest muscles with the two cable handles


supplied for crossovers two pulley trolleys are used to run the dual upper and lower pulley systems


as a result you may use the device like a circuit trainer for one or two people by setting different weights on each side 

the marci sm4903 smith universal home gym machine is distinguished by its universal design which lets you add different attachments

as needed giving you complete control over this magnificent piece of machinery the carry handle and transport wheels distinguish 

this universal home gym from others you may have seen you can effortlessly move the bench away from the cage thanks to the carry handle and transport wheels


it is compatible with a seven foot olympic bar and lets you utilize free weights to target more muscles and give a more complete balanced exercise


the marci sm4903 universal home gym unlike other smith machines includes a weight plate storage rack at 

the back of the device to keep your gym organized and safe


its pros are

  • the bar catches can be adjusted in 12 different ways
  • heavy duty steel construction
  • it has a weight system with dual sliding


however there is no preacher pad connection or leg developer for the bench and it has a maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds

the marci pro sm 4903 strength training machinery is ideal for beginners and intermediate lifters and it fits into any home gym setup still haven’t found a home gym that meets your needs 



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Bowflex Xtreme 2 SE Home Gym



the third product on our list is the bowflex xtreme 2se best portable home gym trying to upgrade your home gym the bowflex xtreme 2se is worth a look


this compact home gym comes with a variety of equipment to help you achieve your fitness objectives 

this gadget allows you to perform more than 70 workouts how cool is that to begin with the bowflex xtreme 2sc best portable home gym has an adjustable bench that can be adjusted in six settings to accommodate users ranging from five feet to six feet four inches what’s impressive about the bowflex xtreme 2se is that you may use 

its numerous functions to give yourself a full body exercise and all without having to change the cables

you’re using one of the machine’s primary advantages is that it comes with numerous cables one for each training station as a result you won’t have to transfer cables

if you want to switch workouts and you’ll be able to do so in seconds additionally 

the cables provided are steel ropes tested to withstand over 1000 pounds of force for a smoother glide over the pulleys they are additionally coated by a thin coating of pvc material the weight resistance rods for this

best portable home gym equipment are composed of a unique elastomer that has been covered with a thin coating of rubber they’re also incredibly robust and less likely to break which is why this bowflex equipment comes with a lifetime warranty 

it’s pros are

  • it provides heavy resistance up to 410 pounds 

  • it is well constructed with rigid materials for strenuous exercises 
  • it has seven free trainer design workouts available to get you started 

however there aren’t all the tools included for you to assemble it this machine will provide you with everything you need for an effective exercise if you’re new to working out at home all this can be done without taking up too much space in your home 






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Marcy Smith Machine Cage  Home Gym 

the second product on our list is the marci sm 4033 this is marcy’s most comprehensive strength training system to date the sm4033 has a weight bench that may be utilized in conjunction with the smith cage system framework or alone to provide a new dimension to your training 

the back pad of the weight bench can be changed between negative 27 and 76 degrees allowing it to adapt to your training routine 

meanwhile a curl pad and leg developer are included providing a well-balanced exercise that targets both upper and lower body muscles 

each twinned cable can handle a whopping 2000 pounds of weight when combined with the sealed bearing the result is a smooth gliding experience that maximizes mass muscle development and independent motion that allows for upper and lower pulley movements for multiple cable crossover capabilities 

moreover the marci sm4033 framework features five adjustable land line holes in the lower parts allowing you to target various muscle areas in multiple positions 

even better the sliding weight trolley can handle a whopping 300 pounds on the bar catch giving you a terrific workout this fantastic equipment comes with various attachments including a short bar triceps rope two cable handles and a landmine attachment allowing you to do more exercises in the comfort of your own home best home gyms for small spaces

it’s pros are

  • it offers multiple workout stations including a pull-up bar butterfly press low pulley cable crossover and smith cage 
  • the bar catches and dip bars may be adjusted in 17 different ways
  •  its pulleys are made of heavy duty nylon with steel ball bearings 

however it is not compatible with standard one-inch weight blades 

the marcy sm 4033 smith cage is a very comprehensive heavy-duty strength training equipment designed for use at home 


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Body-Solid G9S Two-Stack Gym 

our top home gym is the body solid g9s this multi-station workhorse delivers strength training in a health club setting for up to three individuals at the same time a multi-function press arm station is included in the g9 series of gyms for bench press incline press shoulder press and chest supported 

mid-row workouts we like that the leg press and calf press station has its independent weight stack of a two to one weight ratio providing the g9 gyms a 420 pound leg press capability 

this advanced design allows a complete range of motion in a natural biomechanical action while reducing spinal compression users of all sizes can get a wide leg and calf exercise with a fully adjustable back pad and an ergonomically built rotating foot plate what’s more the g9s comes with the pec deck station 

which has dual overhead variable resistance cams that let each arm work independently offering unilateral and bilateral chest back and shoulder conditioning with the swiveling hand grips 

the pop pin adjustable seat raises vertically to position your hands and elbows correctly reducing injury risk overall this is a very comprehensive device ideal for any home gym

 its pros are its self-aligning contoured design adjusts automatically throughout exercise movements the ideal pec station has a range of motion adjustments to customize 

your stretch choice from the start and its gas assisted adjustable seat boasts provide quick smooth adjustment and appropriate body placement 

however it takes a long time to unpack and put together the g9s is the next generation of body solids exceptional engineering and design legacy 


it is an outstanding model we recommend for commercial or residential use 


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