marcy smith machine sm-4033 workout chart usa 2022

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  • You don’t have to switch between various workout stations with this gym system
  • It also has dedicated landmine exercise attachment
  • Equipped with multi-grip pull-up bars,
  • this gear allows you to efficiently execute exercises for the upper body such as pull ups, chin ups.
  • Full assembly required | Equipped with multi-grip pull-up bars, this gear allows you to efficiently execute exercises 
  • This cage boasts a durable pulley system that enables you to perform several crossover workouts.
  • It also includes a rowing cable so you can do seated rows to develop the back muscles, forearm muscles, and upper arm muscles

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Marcy smith machine sm-4033 Workout Chart usa 2022

topic : marcy smith machine sm-4033 workout chart usa 2022

Best compact home gym usa 2022 

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SM-4033 Smith Machine

Utilize the Olympic weight bar, which is attached to the smith track, for Smith Machine squats, presses, and more. Easily lock the bar into place when you’re done with your workout or need to end your exercise abruptly.


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Adjustable Dual Pulleys

The dual pulleys allow for cable crossovers and more strength training exercises. Adjust the pulleys from the top of the unit to the bottom of the unit to target different muscles and exercises.





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Pull-Up Bar

The top of the SM-4033 has a multi-grip pull-up bar for pull-ups, chin-ups, and kipping pull-ups. Change your grip to target different muscles. And, the bar is knurled at key points for better grip.







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Butterfly Press Arms

Target your chest muscles with the padded butterfly press arms. Simply add weight plates to the pulley trolley and you’re set to start working out!








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Lower Pulley

The lower pulley cable is perfect for one arm curls. The lower pulley can also be used along with the foot plate for seated rows – especially important if you don’t have a rowing machine.






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Preacher Curl with Bar Holder

Take advantage of the preacher curl pad included with your Marcy Smith Machine SM-4033. When your reps are done and you need a break, simply place the preacher curl bar   (sold separately) on the bar holder right in front of the preacher curl pad.




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The SM-4033 Smith Machine includes adjustable / removable dip bars, cable handles for cable crossovers, a landmine attachment for landmine presses, and a triceps rope for triceps extensions (and more exercises of course!)






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Bench Presses

The adjustable bench allows you to do presses at varying degrees on the smith machine. Or, use the adjustable bar catches to do the presses without the smith machine bar (Olympic Bar sold separately)





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Triceps Rope

The included Triceps Rope is perfect in tandem with the adjustable pulleys for lat push-downs, overhead triceps extensions, and more.







The second product on our list is the marci sm 4033 this is marcy’s most comprehensive strength training system to date the sm4033 has a weight bench that may be utilized in conjunction with the smith cage system framework or alone to provide a new dimension to your training

the back pad of the weight bench can be changed between negative 27 and 76 degrees allowing it to adapt to your training routine

meanwhile a curl pad and leg developer are included providing a well-balanced exercise that targets both upper and lower body muscles

each twinned cable can handle a whopping 2000 pounds of weight when combined with the sealed bearing the result is a smooth gliding experience that maximizes mass muscle development and independent motion that allows for upper and lower pulley movements for multiple cable crossover capabilities

moreover the marci sm4033 framework features five adjustable land line holes in the lower parts allowing you to target various muscle areas in multiple positions

even better the sliding weight trolley can handle a whopping 300 pounds on the bar catch giving you a terrific workout this fantastic equipment comes with various attachments including a short bar triceps rope two cable handles and a landmine attachment allowing you to do more exercises in the comfort of your own home best home gyms for small spaces

it’s pros are

  • it offers multiple workout stations including a pull-up bar butterfly press low pulley cable crossover and smith cage
  • the bar catches and dip bars may be adjusted in 17 different ways
  •  its pulleys are made of heavy duty nylon with steel ball bearings

however it is not compatible with standard one-inch weight blades

the marcy smith machine sm-4033 workout chart usa 2022 cage is a very comprehensive heavy-duty strength training equipment designed for use at home

marcy smith machine sm-4033 workout chart usa 2022

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